What is Cloud Computing, its uses and benefits

What is Cloud Computing, you might have heard this word many times, but do you know what is this Cloud Computing, why it is being heard so much these days? As we know that computer network technologies have made a lot of progress in the last 20 years.

Ever since the Internet (the most popular computer network) has expressed its existence, there has been a lot of advancement in the field of computer network and there has been a lot of research especially in the field of technologies like Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing.

These technical terms, the concept of both Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing are almost the same, just there are some differences in both. So if you want to understand about Cloud Computing, then you must also have an understanding of Distributed Computing.

Global Industry Analyst has to say that this global cloud computing service market will become a business of up to $327 billion by 2020. Almost all companies are using Cloud Computing service in today’s world, whether directly or indirectly.

For example, if we talk, whenever we use the service of Amazon or Google, then we are storing all our data in the cloud. If you use Twitter then you indirectly use cloud computing service.

Both Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing are so popular because we needed better computing networks so that our data could be processed faster. So today we have what is Cloud Computing? You will know about it completely in this article.

Then what is the delay, let’s start and know what is this Cloud Computing? And why is it becoming so popular.

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What is Cloud

Talking about the cloud, it is the design of a large interconnected network of servers which is designed to deliver computer resources. And there is no concept of precise location where the data is coming from and where it is going.

If I say in simple language, if a user uses it, then he will feel that he is using a huge formless computing power, in which the user can do everything from his email to mapping of mobile application according to his needs. .

In the language of business, nothing like this happens by saying “The Cloud“. Cloud Computing is a collection of licensed service that is provided by different vendors.

Cloud Service replaces them with different products instead of technology management and technology acquisition and these products are managed from some other place and one thing they remain active only when it is needed.

What is Cloud Computing

If someone provides a service through the Internet, then it is called Cloud Computing. This service can be anything such as Off Site Storage or computing resources.

Or rather, Cloud Computing is such a style of computing that massively scalable and flexible IT-related capabilities are provided as a service with the help of Internet Technologies.

Facilities like infrastructure, platform, application and storage space are available in these services. In this, users use services according to their needs and pay for those services which they use. For this they do not need to build their own infrastructure.

Nowadays there is a lot of competition in the world and in such a situation, people need service on the Internet all the time, that too without any delay. If an application ever freezes, then there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the people. People need the service they need 24/7.

To meet these requirements, we cannot stress on the old mainframe computing, so people used cloud distributed computing technology to solve this problem. Due to which big businesses started doing all their work very easily.

For example, Facebook, which has 757 million active users and who view about 2 million photos daily, around 3 billion photos are uploaded every month, 1 million websites use Facebook to do 50 million operations per second.

In such a situation, the traditional computing system cannot solve these problems, rather we need something better that can do this work. That’s why Cloud Distributed Computing is the need of the hour to do such computing.

Examples of Cloud Computing

  • YouTube is a great example of cloud storage which hosts video files of millions of users.
  • Picasa and Flickr which host digital photographs of crores of users in their servers.
  • Google Docs which is another great example of cloud computing which allows users to upload their Presentations, Word Documents and Spreadsheets to their data servers. Along with this, it also gives the option to edit and publish those documents.

Characteristics and Benefits of Cloud Computing

If seen, there are many attractive benefits of Cloud Computing which are going to be very useful for businesses and people. There are 5 main benefits of cloud computing:

  • Self-service provisioning: End users can do any work according to their need, which they need the most. Due to this the traditional need of IT administrators, who used to manage and provision your compute resources earlier, is not needed any more.
  • Elasticity: Companies can increase and earn according to their computing needs. It is advantageous that as earlier there was a lot of investment on the local infrastructure, now it has stopped completely, it benefits the companies a lot.
  • Pay per use: Compute resources are measured in granular level. So that users have to pay only for those resources and workloads which they use.
  • Workload resilience: Cloud service providers often use redundant resources so that they can get resilient storage and with this they can continue the important work of users who are present in multi global regions.
  • Migration Flexibility: Organizations can transfer some workloads from one cloud platform to another according to their needs, that too without any problem and automatically, which also saves money.

History of cloud computing

If we talk about cloud computing, then it was born in the decade of 1960. When the computer industry adopted computing as a service income utility on the basis of its potential benefits. But there was a lack in both the earlier computing, connectivity and bandwidth, due to which it was not possible to implement computing according to a utility.

This was not possible until the 1990s until the availability of Internet bandwidth on a large scale. After which it became possible to think of computing as a service.

In 1990, Salesforce successfully implemented enterprise SaaS for the first time. After which AWS did in 2002, which provided many services such as online storage, machine learning, computation.

Today there are many small and big providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, which are providing cloud-based service to other individuals, small business and global enterprise in collaboration with AWS.

Cloud Computing vs. Distributed Computing

1) Goals
If I talk about Distributed Computing, then it provides collaborative resource sharing by connecting with other users and resources.

Distributed Computing always tries to provide administrative scalability (number of the domain in registration), size scalability (number of processes and users), and geographical scalability (maximum distance between the nodes in the distributed system).

While talking about Cloud Computing, it believes in delivering service in an on-demand environment so that the targeted goal can be achieved. Along with this, it also believes in providing greater scalability and transparency, security, monitoring, and management.

In Cloud Computing, services are delivered with transparency without any physical implementation in the cloud.

2) Types
Distributed computing is divided into three types

Distributed Information Systems
The main purpose of these systems is to distribute this information across various communication models of different servers through RMI and RPC.

Distributed Pervasive Systems
These systems are mainly made up of embedded computing devices such as portable ECG monitors, wireless cameras, PDA’s and mobile devices. These systems can be identified by comparing their instability to any traditional distributed systems.

Distributed Computing Systems
In these types of systems, computers that are connected to the network communicate with each other through messages to track their actions.

Cloud computing is divided into four types

1. Private Cloud
It is such a cloud infrastructure that dedicatedly hosts all the applications of a particular IT organization so that it has complete control over the data so that the possibility of a security breach is negligible.

2. Public Cloud
This type of cloud infrastructure is hosted by other service providers and which are later made public. In such a cloud, users do not have any control, nor can they see the infrastructure.

For example, both Google and Microsoft own their own cloud infrastructure and later give access to the public.

3. Community Cloud
This is a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure in which the cloud is shared among other IT organizations.

4. Hybrid Cloud
These combinations are 2 or more different types of clouds (Private, Public and Community) Only then a Hybrid cloud infrastructure is formed where each cloud remains a single entity, but all the clouds combine to create multiple deployment models, which are very slow. Huh.

3) Characteristics
In Distributed Computing, the task is distributed among different computers. So that computational functions can be performed at the same time.

With the help of Remote Method Invocations, the on-demand network model is used in Cloud Computing Systems which provides access to a shared pool of computing resources.

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be mainly divided into three parts which are: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Cloud Computing Models

1) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

These services are self-service models that are used for monitoring, accessing and managing infrastructure from a remote location.

Examples – Servers, Firewalls, Routers, CDNs

2) Platform as a service (PaaS)

It provides a line of self-service modules for software developers to manage computing infrastructure from centralized IT operations.

Examples – Email services: Gmail,

3) Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS accesses the web to deliver applications that are managed by third-party vendors and whose user interface can only be accessed from the client side.

Application Building: Google App Engine, SAP Hana, Cloud Foundry

Cloud Computing has changed the entire computing industry. It has completely changed the look of businesses and also the IT infrastructure. It provides many benefits for hardware and software, which a few years ago seemed absolutely impossible.

Now a virtual machine just needs a few minutes to run. Cloud Computing has changed the outlook of companies and businesses. It has now become the first choice of everyone because if someone does business with proper planning, strategy and proper budget, then he will definitely get success.

And scientists are doing more and more research to make it better.

Note – The real funda of Cloud Computing is that “you can access any of your data by staying in any corner of the world”, for example, G-Mail, Google Drive, etc.

what did you learn today?

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is Cloud Computing and I hope you have understood about Cloud Computing.

I request all of you readers that you also share this information with your neighbors, relatives, your friends so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass on more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubts of any kind, then you can feel free to ask me. I will definitely try to solve those doubts.

How did you like this article about Cloud Computing, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.

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Gadgets Technology

What is a Drone Camera and How to Make it?

In recent times, all of you must have probably heard the technological term “drone camera”. But do you know what exactly this drone is? How does this work?

If you do not know the answer to all these questions, then there is nothing to panic because today we are going to discuss this state-of-the-art gadget. As strange as it sounds, it seems as much as it looks.

In the true sense, it is a robot that can be controlled by humans. But it is a flying robot. It has been prepared by humans to edit their works.

Although these drones can do many tasks, they are mainly designed for the work that is dangerous for humans to do it themselves. Well, we are going to know further about all its functions. So without skipping anything read the article completely. With this you can get to know about this latest technological machine in detail.

Then you don’t have to wait any more, let’s start and know about what is a drone and how it works.

What is a Drone Camera

What does a drone mean? Drones are also called UAV or Unmanned aerial vehicles. Basically these are miniature robots that are capable of flying. Wherein they are controlled with the help of a remote control system.

For Army or Military people, these are UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems). Whereas they are commonly called “drones“.

Drones are used in situations which are beyond human reach or rather risky and difficult.

They can monitor 24 hours that fi for the whole week. Each drone can send you all the real-time imagery by monitoring it over a long period of time. Therefore it is also called “eye of the sky” or “eye of the sky”.

Drone technology is constantly evolving day by day with the help of new innovations. Unmanned aerial vehicle technology includes everything such as the drone’s aerodynamics, the materials used to make it, circuit boards, chipset and software, also known as the drone’s brain.

what is quadcopter

A very common and popular flying drone design is the quadcopter. It is a type of drone that uses four rotors to lift and propel.

Although the concept of the quadcopter is not new, because they have been experimented earlier in the year 1920, but due to lack of proper technology at that time, its effectiveness had to suffer a lot.

  • what is hardware
  • What is a printer and how does it work

But with the advancement of electronic technology such as sensors, batteries, cameras and GPS systems, these quadcopters are now being used a lot.

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how does the drone fly

The four propellers of the drone are fixed and oriented vertically. Each propeller has a variable and independent speed that allows it to set a full range of movements. Different drones have different propeller combinations that help them achieve different drone movements.

These are not like conventional helicopters which are controlled with propeller blades and which pitch dynamically around the rotor hub.

The components which are used to make blade pitch are very valuable, so these quadcopters are now being used more.

how to make a drone

1. Chassis This is the skeleton of the drone by which all the components are fixed. While designing these chassis designs, their strength (this is when any additional weight such as when attaching a camera) and additional weight are taken into account, as otherwise taller propellers and stronger motors may be needed to lift them. for.

2. Propellers – This often affects the load of the quadcopter, how much load it can lift, how fast it can fly and how much speed it can maneuver around.

Their length can be modified; Tall propellers can easily lift more weight that too at lower rpm but they take a little longer to speed up or speed down.

Whereas smaller propellers can change their speed easily and hence are more manoeuvrable, but they require more rotational speed to get the same power as the longer blades.

This puts extra strain on the motor and due to which their lifespan is reduced.
We can say that a more aggressive pitch can certainly provide quicker movement but it reduces the hovering efficiency to a great extent.

3. Motors – Each propeller has 1 motor, drone motors are rated on “Kv” units which means the number of revolutions per minute it achieves when a voltage of one volt is supplied to the motor without no load.

A faster motor spin can provide more flight power than necessary, but it requires the same amount of power from the battery, which may result in a reduction in flight time.

4. Electronic Speed ​​Controller (ESC) – It provides a controlled current to each motor so that the correct spin speed and direction can be generated.

5. Flight Controller – This is called the onboard computer that interprets the incoming signals which are sent by the pilot and then it sends the corresponding inputs to the ESC, from which the quadcopter is controlled.

6. Radio Receiver – It receives control signals which are sent by pilot.

7. Battery – Generally lithium polymer batteries are used in this because of their high power density and ability to recharge.

With this, many sensors can also be used such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS and barometers for positional measurements. Whereas cameras are often mounted for navigation and aerial photography.

how does the drone work

A typical unmanned aircraft is made of very light composite materials so that the weight can be reduced and control can be increased simultaneously.

This composite material gives these drones that power so that they can fly very high in military tasks.

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Drones are equipped with many different technologies such as infrared cameras, GPS and lasers (all types have them whether it is consumer, commercial or military UAV).

Drones are controlled with the help of remote ground control systems (GSC) and are also called ground cockpits.

Basically, an unmanned aerial vehicle system consists of two parts, the drone itself and its control system.

All the sensors and navigational systems are located in the front of the drone itself. Whereas all the drone technology systems are located in the rest of the body as there is no place to keep humans in them.

The engineering materials used to make these are highly complex composites that are specially designed to absorb the vibrations that are generated, reducing any noise it produces. Is. These materials are very lightweight.

types of drones

Although there are many types of drones, they are mainly divided into two parts.

  • Rotary Drone
  • Fixed Wing Drone

Rotary Drone
There are different types of these rotary drones as well.

1. Single Rotor:- It has only one single rotor position. There is a tail rotor at the rear which gives it control and stability.

2. Tricopter:- It has three different types of powerful motors, three controllers, four gyros and one servo motor.

3. Quadcopter: – Four rotor blades are used in this. It uses brushless type DC motors. In this, two motors rotate clockwise, while two motors rotate anti-clockwise. Lithium Polymer Batteries are used.

4. Hexacopter: – 6 rotor blades are used in these. In which 3 motors rotate clockwise, then 3 motors rotate anti-clockwise. Their landing is the safest.

5. Octacopter:- It uses 8 functional propellers with 8 motors. It naturally has the high flying capability, while its stability is the best.

Fixed Wing Drone
It is a completely different type of drone. Their design is also quite different from multi-rotor designs. In this, you can see the wings in a traditional place. At the same time, they are not very stable in the air, and together with their movement, the gravitational force seems to have a greater effect. At the same time, they cannot lift much weight as compared to quadcopters.

What are VTOL Drones?
VTOL drones can easily take off, fly, hover, and land vertically. The full form of VTOL is “Vertical Take-off and Landing”.

What is Drone – UAV Technology?

By the way, many advanced technology is used in Drone. About which many of you probably don’t know anything. So let’s get a little bit more information about them.

Radar Positioning and Return Home technology

Many of the latest drones have dual Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS and GLONASS.

By the way, Drones can fly in both GNSS and non-satellite modes.

It is very important to have highly accurate drone navigation while flying, as this requirement is there in many applications such as creating 3D maps, surveying landscape,s and in SAR (Search & Rescue) missions.

Now let’s know how it works

When the drone is switched on, it searches and detects GNSS satellites. These high-end GNSS systems use Satellite Constellation technology. Basically, this satellite constellation is a group of satellites that are working together and have coordinated coverage and synchronized so that they overlap and provide the correct coverage.

Pass or coverage is the period when a satellite is visible above the local horizon.

Whereas the radar technology located in the drone sends the signals mentioned below to the remote controller display;

  • Many drone GNSS satellites of the signal have been detected and drones are now ready to fly
  • Displaying the correct position and location with your pilot
  • Simultaneously recording the home point. This is for the ‘Return to Home’ safety feature.

What are the types of Return to Home Drone Technology?

Most of the latest drones mainly follow 3 types of Return to Home drone technology;

1. Return to home initiated by the pilot in which the remote control or button in the app is pressed.

2. Due to the low battery level, where the UAV will automatically fly to its home point location.

3. Even if there is a loss of transmission between the drone and the remote controller, the drone will still fly to its home point location.

Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance Technology

Collision avoidance systems are now being installed in many drones. These drone vision systems use obstacle detection sensors to scan the surroundings while using software algorithms and SLAM technology, images can be converted into 3D maps so that the flight controller can know about incoming objects. So that he can avoid accidents.

These systems use the following sensors so that the obstacles can be sensed and avoided;

  • Vision Sensor
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infrared
  • Lidar
  • Time of Flight (ToF)
  • Monocular Vision

These drones have such features that they can make sense and try actively to avoid obstacles so that they can return home easily.

Well let us now know how this obstacle avoidance technology works when lighting is sufficient;

1. When an obstacle is detected, the drone automatically slows down.

2. Then they stop and start hovering, then fly backward and start rising, then they keep going up till they feel that there is no obstacle in front.

3. Then the RTH process starts and the drone goes back to its home location.

Gyro Stabilization, IMU and Flight Controllers

Gyro stabilization technology is the component that gives the drone its smooth flight capabilities.

These gyroscopes have to act immediately, that too unlike the forces which are working against the drone.

This gyroscope provides all the essential navigational information to the central flight controller.
The full form of IMU is an inertial measurement unit (IMU). It works by detecting the current rate of acceleration and for this it uses one or more accelerometers.

This IMU detects any change in its rotational attributes such as pitch, roll and yaw, for this it uses one or more gyroscopes.

Some IMUs also have a magnetometer installed which helps it to calibrate against the orientation drift.

This Gyroscope is a component of IMU and IMU is an essential component of drones flight controller. This flight controller is the central brain of the drone.

Drone Motor Direction and Propeller Design

Here the motors and propellers are the drone technology, which move the drone in the air and help it to hover in any place.

These receive data from the flight controller and electronic speed controllers (ESC) which provide the right direction for the drone motor to hover and fly.

Onscreen Real-Time Flight Parameters

Almost all drones have a Ground Station Controller (GSC) or a smartphone app that allows you to track current flight telemetry.

No Fly Zone Drone Technology

To increase flight safety and keep them away from restricted areas, a “No Fly Zone” feature is being installed in many new drones.

These no-fly zones are divided into two categories: A and B.

Manufacturers can easily update and change this no-fly zone drone technology with firmware updates.

GPS Ready To Fly Mode Drone Technology

When the compass is calibrated, the drone is looking for the location of the GPS satellites. And when 6 or more are found, then it allows the drone to fly in “Ready to Fly” mode.

Internal Compass and Failsafe Function

This allows the drone and remote control system to know the exact flight location. Calibration of the compass is required to set a home point.

This home point is the location where the drone is about to return when there is a loss of signal between the drone and the remote control system. This is what is called “fail-safe function”.

Firmware and Flight Assistant Port

These flight control systems communicate with a PC Assistant via a Micro-USB cable. It allows to an upgrade the drone’s configuration as well as the drone firmware.

A simple definition of a drone is that it is a flying computer with a camera and some sensors. Like computers, drones also have firmware software, which sends commands to the physical components of the aircraft and remote controller.

Drone manufacturers release new firmware upgrades to fix bugs and also add new features to the aircraft, remote control unit and software if they are needed to fly the drone.

LED Flight Indicators

You can see these on the front and rear of the drone. Generally, drone LEDs are green, yellow or red in colour.

Where the front LEDs are to indicate where the front of the drone is located. Whereas the rear LEDs flight indicators are used to indicate the different status of the drone such as when the power is on, when the firmware upgrade is happening and when is it flying.

All drones come with a user manual that explains the meaning of each flashing LED light.

High-Performance Camera

Currently, the latest drones are equipped with cameras that can shoot HD photos and videos, some even have the facility of 4K video recording.

Gimbals and Tilt Control

Gimbal technology is a very important technology when it comes to quality aerial photography. Using this, quality aerial photos, films and 3D imagery can be easily captured.

This gimbal prevents any kind of vibration from reaching the camera. Along with this, this gimble also helps you to tilt the camera so that the best photos can be captured even while flying.
Practically all the latest drones already have integrated gimbals and cameras. This changes the very definition of photography.

How do you fly a drone?

A drone is controlled manually via a hand-held radio control transmitter which manually controls the propellers.

The sticks in the controller allow you to move in different directions and the trim buttons allow the trim to be adjusted so that the drone can be balanced.
Screens can also be used to receive footage of live video from the on-board camera and display sensor data there.

Apart from this, the on-board sensors also provide many helpful settings such as;

Auto altitude where the drone moves at a fixed altitude;

GPS hold, where the drone is fixed in a fixed GPS position.

Drones can also be flown autonomously; today’s modern flight controllers use software that pre-marks GPS waypoints on how a drone is going to fly, where it is going to land, and where its destination point is. is situated etc.

how does the drone fly

A very important feature of drones is their flight time. A simple answer to the above question is that better quality drones can fly up to 30 minutes, while cheap drones only fly for 5 to 10 minutes.

By the way, there can be many reasons behind how long a drone can fly, such as:-

1. How much is Battery Life

Batteries come in many types depending on the sizes and types of drones. It is a natural thing that a better quality battery can provide more backup, while it is a thing to remember that with time, the batteries gradually start deteriorating if they are not maintained properly.
Lithium Batteries are capable of giving backup for a long time.

2. Weight of the Drone

Flying depends on how big your drone is and how many motors and propellers it has, as well as how much it weighs. Because the batteries have to work more in this to keep the whole vehicle in the air.
Drones which are made of light weight materials can fly for a long time.

3. Having Add-Ons

The weight of a drone is not limited to its own weight but also depends on all the gadgets attached to it. This is because drones are rarely sent in an empty way, but the camera, sensor, recorder etc. are also attached with it.

The more weighty its add-ons are, the lesser it can fly.

How to keep the drone in the air for a long time?

By now you have understood the basic principle of drones, along with how it works. Now let us know how we will increase its flight time.

1. If your drone is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery, then use it sparingly in cold environments as cold negatively affects the efficiency of this battery and it tends to discharge quickly.

2. At the same time, it should not fly even in the hot area because by flying it there, the motor of the drone has to do more work in lifting the drone. So that the battery charge will end soon. So leave the battery to cool down first and then charge it again.

3. At the same time, they should not be flown even in the high windy place because it requires more energy to stabilize the drone and at the same time it is also afraid of colliding with other buildings and trees.

4. Water is not good for Drones at all. Therefore, never fly drones in a humid climate. This can reduce the flight time of drones.

5. Keep them away from unnecessary add-ons and apply only those add-ons which you need.

6. If you are using guards then it will protect them from accidents but it increases their weight. Therefore, as you become experienced in flying them, then do not forget to remove these guards.

7. Fly them at high speeds for a very short time because doing so drains their battery quickly. On the other hand, if you do not want to use it for some time, then store it only after full charge, that too in a dry and ventilated area at room temperature.

If you follow these tips, then you can increase the flight time of your drone, as well as protect it from damage.

What are the applications of drones?

Flying drones have many applications such as: –

📌 Automatic Pollination in Grain Fields
📌 Performing Your Job in Multiple Search and Rescue Operations
📌 To monitor traffic
📌 Exploring Hazardous Sites
📌 to do military surveillance
📌 to map the weather
📌 To do real photography
📌 Even for providing drone-delivery services
📌 Sport – to do drone racing

what did you learn today?

I hope that you must have liked my article What is a Drone Camera. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about Drone Camera to the readers so that they do not have to search any other sites or the internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this. If you liked this post on How to make a Drone or got to learn something then please share this post on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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Some Questions:

  • Is MoviesHub APK safe?
    Yes, MoviesHub app is absolutely safe for all users. You can watch IPL live, movies, and series for free.
  • Are Live TV Channels available to watch on MoviesHub?
    Yes, you can also watch live TV on this app and there is also streaming of football, cricket, and many other shows on this app.
  • Can you watch movies for free on MoviesHub App?
    Yes, on this app you can watch it all for free and no charge will be taken from you and you can also watch movies absolutely free.
  • Can I watch the series for free on MoviesHub App?
    Yes, on this app you can watch it all for free and no charge will be taken from you and you can also watch the series absolutely free.


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